How to plan the retreat of an RV camping writer

Do you belong to a group of writers who meet regularly to encourage each other? Does the idea of ​​going back to nature with your writing group flow your creative juices? Gathering writers backwards in a beautiful natural setting can be easier than you think. These steps will help you plan and execute a pre-natural RV camping retreat for you and your comrades.

Choose a provocative setting:

You need to decide whether to place your RV camping retreat nearby for rolling your plan or to keep the trip as part of the retreat. For example, if your writing group is located in Chicago and you want to start an annual “Michigan Lake Writers’ Retreat,” you can easily research scenic campgrounds in Lakeside villages within driving distance. If your group can retreat for longer than the weekend, why not choose two or three quiet lakeside RV campgrounds and include travel in your retreat plan?

Regardless of what your group will call home, you can plan your retreat around seasonal events like oli tupanbant or spring wildflowers. Choose a place where the beauty of nature ensures inspiration for creative writing.

Create your retreat:

To create the perfect retreat, include these elements:

o Agree to certain fixed rules to protect the “retreat” nature of travel.

o Authors set the time for themselves to come out into nature to write and reflect.

o Plan simple meals that can be made in your convenient motorhome kitchen.

o Arrange when you meet as a group each day to discuss what you have written.

o Plan to take some writing hints to help move past the author block!

o Take time each day for individuals or groups to explore the area.

o Decide how much “real world” (e.g., cell phone, WiFi, etc.) will be allowed to occupy!

Plan and then enjoy!

If you are in charge of planning, work with a local RV rental company to arrange the perfect RV for your group. They can help with your fuel and rental expenses project. Today’s luxury motorhomes will appreciate your group providing comfortable seating, convenient equipment and lots of extras.

Choose an RV that has enough space for your group to sleep easily. For some consideration- if you have both male and female group members then renting two small RVs instead of one big motorhome is a smart choice.

For maximum comfort, choose a campground with full hookup and decide if you need a space that offers facilities such as a campground store and fountain. Do some research on campground rules, such as “compulsory quiet time” so that your group can have the best possible experience.

When you call potential campgrounds, get camper rental rates so you can go back in time. Add food and supplies costs and divide by the number of retreaters to find your costs per person. Once you reach this number and decide who will run the motorhome, you are ready to go back to the forest!

You’re going to be wondering what comes into your writing in the great outdoor space of your group. Sharing expenses makes it possible for everyone to enjoy nature’s inspiration without exaggeration. By choosing a place to ensure inspiration and treat your group to the comfort of a motorhome, your RV camping writers retreat can easily turn into a cherished annual event.


Photography tips while traveling

Whether you’re going on a family vacation or your family reunion, it’s going to be a special time. When we think of them as we travel, we remember them best, including photographs. Here are some great ideas to enhance your vacation as well as your memories

Location preparation

1) Since you know where you are going (this is a minimum requirement) is it not understandable to check the location before you get there? Make a list of attractions, accommodations, special attractions, recreation areas, shopping, etc. A good source to help you do this is:’s Locations and Travel section ( [])

2) Find photo opportunities for each suitable occasion. Anyone can take a “great” picture of the kids at the amusement park. Wouldn’t you rather capture a “WWW” photo that can hang on the mantle?

3) Depending on the place you are traveling, you may find that there are books written about them that highlight the best photo opportunities for the whole region.

4) If you’re cyber-savvy, start at and search using a variety of combinations: options for your destination, best photography locations, location images, natural spots, etc. are endless.

5) If you move to a non-large city area, explore the area’s national parks. The great thing about national parks is that the scenery is often breathtaking

Outstanding, just because of the subject. Once at, search for photos and you’ll be presented with horrific shots of all the parks

Photography preparation

Okay, you’re either traveling or you’re in a great place full of photo opportunities. You started this journey at the crack of dawn and you are pulling in the most beautiful view 400 miles away, the sun has started to crack the horizon.

You instinctively pull the car, grab your camera and your tripod and look for the best spot to set up. Just a small problem … you forgot your tripod! Then instead of pushing yourself to the forehead, why not plan these things now before you leave?

Your list should include at least the following considerations …

1) Do I need to repeat – bring your tripod? It doesn’t take up much space, and as explained at, tripods allow you to capture photographs of entirely new categories that would not be possible without one

2) Memory. Of course, bring all your memory, but also pack your portable storage device ( explained in html)

3) If you have any hot shoes on your camera, your external flash and any additional equipment that can be used to help the bounce flash

4) Remember your external shutter release cable for those long exposures. And how are you going to get that “angel-hair” look of the waterfall?

5) Don’t forget the basics like: batteries, battery chargers, camera bags and extra lenses and filters (if applicable to your camera)

6) And bring the manuals for your tools if you need.

Lastly, don’t be bound to take the perfect shot in such a way that you won’t enjoy the trip. Be sure to use the tripod so you stay in at least a few photos.

Article courtesy of Best Family Photography, where you can see a few sample images with more photography tips.

Copyright 2005 Robert Bezman. All rights reserved.


Disney Cruise Ships offers something for the whole family

If you are looking for a different holiday that the whole family can enjoy, a Disney Cruise is a must consider. Among the many cruise lines of the ocean today, Disney Cruise can make it possible for everyone, even the youngest families, to enjoy a vacation on the sea with complete comfort and entertainment. You can take a quick trek from the Bahamas or spend a week in the Caribbean and Mexico. For long vacations, Mediterranean and transatlantic itineraries are also available. Regardless of where you want to go, Disney Cruise will get you a lot of style and fun.

Disney Cruise’s ship

Currently, Disney Cruises has two ships in its fleet; Wonder and Magic are two sister ships which means they are similar in size and structure. The ships were built in the style of the classic cruise liner and this timeless elegance is found throughout the interior and exterior of the ships. The only difference between the two ships is the choice of destination you choose. In 2011 and 2012, Disney plans to add two more ships to its fleet that will be significantly larger than the current ship. While Wonder and Magic can accommodate around 2400 guests, the new ships will have up to 4000 these Disney cruise ships making their debut.

Unusual dining on Disney Cruise

One of the features that makes Disney Cruises unique is their rotating dining system. Instead of a large dining room or two matching dining spaces, Disney offers three unique dining experiences that all perfectly complement Disney magic. Every night, you can try a new dining room to enjoy the amount of ambience and menu that each region offers. The really exciting part of this rotating dining concept is that your waiting staff travels with you to different places. So when you’re checking out the splendor and beauty of each dining area, your waiting staff will be right next to you, remembering exactly what your favorite drinks and how your food will be cooked and served. It’s really an advantage for families to hang out with the kids, as the kids have no time to bother eating with new things to see every night!

Along with beautiful ships and unique dining, Disney Cruise has created a whole vacation at sea with the whole family in mind. State rooms are large, and family suites are available in groups of four or five. Entertainment is consistently up to the Disney standard and always family friendly. You will never be harmed for doing things, or for sightseeing. Try a Disney cruise for your next family vacation and let the magic come alive.


Hosting a scrapbook crop – three inspirational ideas for you

You may want to be your mentor to get your customers interested in more of your events or equally you can get together for fun and host a crop made up of a group of friends. If you are a hostess / mentor, it is always good to have some ideas in your sleeve to keep people motivated, including yourself!

The beauty of scrapbooking is that each person is creating an album that suits them alone. Early and more advanced scrapers can comfortably sit together on a crop. Each person will take an idea you give and create it on their own level and in their own style. I still can’t find the wrong way to create a scrapbook page. Encourage your guests along these lines to make them feel comfortable enough to explore their own tastes, ideas and goals for their albums.

Things to remember

Everyone wants to find their mojo (their artistic music or inspirational voice) and often you hear scrapers and paper artisans in general saying that their mojo has gone on vacation! Returning to the scrapbook crop can start mojoing again among all of us.

Encourage scrapers to share their ideas, pages, techniques and creations with each other. Be the first to share (as a hostess). You can do this informally, leaning to the other side and verbally praising another person’s work, then showing your own page or idea. Or you can be a little more formal and offer to let the people behind your page create a thought process or explain how you came up with a complete album. Or ask some more experienced scrapers to share some of their work and think about the same things.

You’ll see just a light bulb go off in someone’s mind as you talk! This is their Mojo back from vacation!

When you see people getting inspired it takes them very little to enjoy the day. You can of course add value to the event with the following inspirational ideas.

Three inspirational ideas

  1. Idea: There is a series of year-round charitable crops! Do you support charity or do you have a cause you want to promote? A friend of mine raised funds for cancer research. She went to the Breast Cancer Awareness website for inspiration on how to crop a page. You can do the same with your own charity or passion. Most charities nowadays have websites and you can feel their theme very easily. Here are some ideas on how to use your charity or passion to inspire yourself and your scrapers:
    • Choose the color of your charitable theme and challenge your croppers to scrap your pieces into tones or shades during the day. For example, for breast cancer awareness, the color is pink. Ask people to make a layout with pink ribbon or pink flowers or glass in it, or all three.
    • Encourage someone who has the condition that you want to raise awareness about them to bring a photo they love or appreciate. For example, you may not consider stinginess about your friends or relatives with cancer, but you may be glad to be encouraged to create pages about them.
    • Do something fun around your charity theme. For example, we scraped a bra this year for an event of my friend. We each chose a favorite bra (or bought a new one for the occasion!) And chose it with ribbons, lace, beads, flowers, feathers, stitching, cuttlebagged felt cutouts, iron in embroidered patches and any other ornament we could think of. Some finished items were wearable and some were not, but we all feel inspired to use our scraping supplies in new ways.
    • Encourage scrapers to make a greeting card to encourage someone or to encourage that person, then actually send it. Scraping supplies are very good for making cards. You can even do some research and find a stranger affected by your problem to encourage. For example, if you were supporting muscular dystrophy awareness, discover if a person has the condition and send that person a somewhat cheerful ‘Thinking About You’ card. Or choose an indefatigable charity worker and make thank-you cards for acknowledging their efforts. This kind of behavior is called an RAK – a random law of rudeness.
  2. Idea: You can get a series of masquerade grains all year round! Choose a theme and ask the dressed people to come. Choose a theme from a period in history like the Rowing 20s, the 1950s (or choose another favorite decade from history) or the circus event, the Cowboys and the Indians, the Hawaiian days (or the beach days), the space, the Grand Old Orepi , Or ask people to look for a picture that fits with the upcoming holiday that fits the theme. When they arrive, provide them with an idea page such that they can create a sketch or a handmade ornament, or even a small packet of scraping material such as ribbon, raffia or ribbon that will fit the theme. Your friends may agree to bring a plate of food in the style of the theme and have reasons and ways to crop your whole day.
  3. Idea: There is a series of techniques and tip crops throughout the year! You want to learn more about yourself and learn how to show them to your friends. Choose techniques or a few friends who know how to use special techniques very well and ask them for a demonstration. Provide a little kit of sample materials for people to try out the strategy you have chosen to highlight. Ask friends to bring a page or two to show how they have used the technique in the past. Set up a place to show the pages that people show using the new technique (a sheet of ironing board on it) s You may be surprised at the different explanations that people come up with when using the very same technique.

I hope these three ideas can help you manage some enjoyable scrapbooking crop and your hostess Mojo is back now well and really!


There are 3 things you should always look for in a vacation rental

Traveling away from home can worry some people because at home your bed feels in a certain way, you know all the TV channels and everything feels comfortable. Vacation fares are noticed by travelers who do not feel any different idea about their accommodation. You should be able to see it as “home away from home”. Even better, because you are renting and the properties are doing what they can to attract your business, you and your family will see that your potential rent can offer some great parsers.

When planning your next trip, you need to have a few ideas in mind about how you want to arrange your stay. Here are three things you should be at the top of your list:

1. Provides Basics – Your rent should provide you and your family with basic amenities. Each family has its own method of determining the basics, so it is important for families to come together and feel what they absolutely need and to determine what things the spaces provide. Do you need a full kitchen? Is mountain views necessary? How many bathrooms are needed? It’s a simple idea, but since it’s so basic this little detail can fall into the cracks. As part of your research, compare rental features and, most importantly, make a few calls.

2. The proximity of the actual vacation – as much as the reason for your vacation travel, finding fun things can sometimes be less fun because you have rented a lodging far away from the center of the activity. It can be too far to walk which means you have to think about renting a transport. Your time is extremely valuable and you have worked hard to earn this time for your loved one; Don’t spend the whole trip adapting it and wearing it yourself.

3. Safety – No one likes to think about what might go wrong on their holiday, but it’s important to think about how your vacation rental will provide a safe environment. If a property regularly deals with out-of-town visitors, very well Wales Wells knows that visitors can often travel with cash. Is there a safe place for your valuables to rent? Are there any lifeguards on duty when it comes to facilities like pools? Are there any first aid kits available for your rental for common obstructions and injuries that may occur? Be sure to research online ratings and reviews from previous visitors and see what they have to say. What’s more, put together a checklist of important safety items and talk directly with property staff.

It is always important to remember that your homework should be done when choosing your vacation rental. Choosing the right place to stay and calling your “home away from home” is the key to everyone’s happiness. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.


Custom Photo Holiday Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

Creating personalized photo gifts for the Christmas holidays is a great way to give your loved one a unique gift. The ideal Christmas gift is usually the kind you make without buying readymade. This collection of custom photo holiday gift ideas is intended to ignite your creative thinking. There are many amazing and useful items that you can create using your digital images, and online software and stylish themes provided by web-based photo companies will snap it up. Here are some of my personal favorite customized photo gift tips for the holiday season:

Photo book

My all time favorite photo gift is a photo book. You can create a photo book for almost every occasion and it is a special gift idea for the holiday season. Year-review books usually fit. But don’t try to include every photo taken in the past year, or you’ll probably run nuts. Select a few key events, for example school start, a birthday celebration, a family trip, a holiday, family reunion, etc. Cookbooks featuring favorite family meals can also be a welcome idea. Photo books are especially challenging to purchase especially useful gifts for more mature members of your family. For example, you can include snapshots of all the grand kids.

Photo Calendar

Also the idea of ​​keeping personalized photo calendars awesome. Calendars made by my family’s tailors have become a Christmas ritual. If you have time, tailor each calendar using relevant pictures for each person and include birthdays and anniversaries. Photo calendars usually cost about 20 20, so these are special and reasonably priced gift ideas.

Customized stationery gifts

You can create interesting stationery items, including personalized notepads and diaries. Personal note cards are also great gifts. Place a colorful picture on the front cover of Thanksgiving notes or blank note cards. A beautiful picture from your vacation or a picture of your kids can be an idea.

Personalized iPhone cover

What’s it like to present a one-of-a-kind iPhone cover to your tech-geek friends and a custom-designed one with pictures and even text? It’s unique, keeps the phone safe and no one ever mixes their iPhone with another. Kodak Gallery offers various cool-looking covers for 4G, 4S and 3G iPhones.

Custom canvas print

A stunning digitally painted canvas art is a great way to transform a favorite image into a beautiful piece of art. This is a stylish way to display pictures of vacation or panoramic pictures, family pictures or special event pictures such as children or wedding ceremony. You can get customized canvas images in different dimensions and styles like frame canvas, easel, mounted laster prints and collages.

Lots of custom holiday photo gift ideas. Other ideas include rugs and blankets, clothing, mouse pads, card decks, puzzles, bags and handbags, and more. If you have an idea of ​​what kind of items you want to keep, there is a personalized holiday gift for you.


A budget vacation – consider a moratorium

Summer is in full swing and rising mercury levels call for a fresh break from summer. We’re thinking of Pina Coladas, the party and an outdoor beach! This will require planning, budgeting, making some important calls, storing and packing! Lots of bags and travel. Are you someone who is running low on cash or saving for an apartment in a better neighborhood than how you would bring home a party? How about a “stay-in”?

Think? All the money you will save, all this packing that you don’t have to bother with, never have to sit in the seat of that crashed plane and especially endless time waiting at the airport if your flight is delayed. If you play your cards directly, you can plan an amazing vacation right from the comfort of your home! Below are some ideas that will help you plan a great location.

1) Foreign food and drink! One exciting part of the vacation is experiencing a new culture and all the cooking and drinking brought with it. Thanks to YouTube, we can search for any and every recipe under the sun and learn how to make it at home. You can plan a party in your backyard and spice up the meal by adding some new entries and original course items to your menu instead of the usual bar sales. Guests will be thrilled and you will be able to save a lot of cash! Similarly instead of the usual margarita and lemon water supply you can serve your guest a bull shooter and a side car.

2) Outdoor activities – Stabilization means staying at home all day. You can plan outdoor activities that have been missing for a long time. What about that cliff diving trip you always wanted to go to but couldn’t because of work and evening MBA classes? Now’s your chance, sign up for one or travel with your friends. Remember how to read for free once you get there and make sure all safety pre-requisites before giving a splash!

3) Local Festival – If you are a foodie who likes a dish with a palette of exotic flavors, how is the local food festival organized every summer season? Entrepreneurs with exceptional culinary skills end up here in a food truck bringing your taste to the world! Plan a trip with family or go with your friends, we’re sure you won’t be able to do enough!



Ideas for hiring cheap coaches

Are you planning a family trip this holiday season? Is everything planned and scheduled? If not, we would like to share with you some ideas about the car we are going to use for your trip. In a city like London you can travel in any mode. Air, rail, car, tube – each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even then, when a family is large or the office crowd is huge, the most expensive and effective way to travel is with a coach. Due to some common misconceptions, the idea of ​​hiring a coach is often blurred. We either think they are too expensive or not comfortable enough. But in modern coaches the scenario is quite different. You can get every modern convenience and luxury item in the coach you are traveling in. Luxurious leather seats have been rearranged; You will also find sleeping berths on long distance coaches.

Fresh air conditioning, large windows with screens, great toilets, hot and cold drink machines, food catering services, DVD players, stereos, power points and even a cocktail bar – they don’t stop until the list is complete. You must be wondering how expensive this journey will be if the family grows up. It is cheaper than air, rail or car fares. All these luxuries are available to you and your group at quite affordable prices. An added benefit is the option to travel all together without any hassle. It is the responsibility of the travel agency to pick you up from your destination, provide you with all kinds of comforts and drop you off at your destination. If it is a round trip, they will bring you back home. So, you can enjoy the whole trip and have fun with your off.

Before choosing a specific coach for your trip, a little research will help you if you want to get the best service. You can get a rough idea about most companies online. Different types of coaches are available. They vary in services, luxury supplies and rates. Compare prices and benefits and choose one or two services of your choice. If you live in the city, you can go to the company once and go to the coaches in person. They need to know if they are really providing all the facilities that they have provided to the customers. Also check the reputation of the supplier and the response of previous customers from the internet. Keep track of the hospitality services they provide while traveling. Book tickets once you are satisfied with every detail. Communicating with companies directly is always more economical than communicating through touts. Once you’ve shared the homework before hiring the right coach, relax, sit back, relax, and have a lot of fun on your trip.


Ski Vacation Threat: Understanding Shin Bang

After long hours of skiing, there are skiers who feel pain from growing their chit. If this happens to you during your ski vacation, you just got “boot banjo” while skiing. This condition is officially a shin bang, or every time a skier moves forward as a shin hit in front of the boot, resulting in a painful wound. Here are some facts you need to know about Shin Bang to avoid taking a vacation on your ski vacation.

One of the most common causes of shin bangs is wearing large boots. Wearing oversized boots means your heels are not being held properly, causing your feet to slip towards the front of the boot. This could end up landing on the backset. So here are some ideas to prevent your feet from getting damaged.

Wearing perfectly fitted boots to prevent shin bangs is one of the top recommendations. It is advisable to consult a professional boot fitter before hitting the alu during your ski trip.

Although, there are some boots that fit perfectly, there are many times that the liners are packed, keeping your heels in the perfect place. If this is the case, use a foot bed to keep your boots stable and similarly, if your boots have an upper heel (upper cuff / top bark) you will straighten and make the boot feel a bit softer which increases the tendency to land on the back. . Therefore, use booster straps to help get it to the adequate level.

If you are using your old boots or hired boots, try to find a pair that fits snugly, yet is comfortable. It is advisable to combine boot padding with commercial gel and poron pad inserts, which absorb the impact and protect your feet from the shock of injury.

In addition, wear ski-specific socks that have extra padding in the shin and calf areas to add cushions. Also, lifting calves and toes helps build your thin muscles and protect your bones from the tongue of your boots.

If you are getting thinner, just remember the rice: rest, ice, contraction and height. Yet if you feel pain, the pain killers at the counter will take over.

So before you go on your ski vacation make sure that your boots will not cause any inconvenience during your trip. Awareness is the key to getting rid of obstacles. Happy skiing!


Romantic Winter Honeymoon Ideas

If you are getting married this winter, this is a great time to plan your honeymoon. The winter months offer some great options for post-wedding travelers. Take a look at these romantic winter honeymoon ideas.

Imagine the iceflakes gently popping out of the window as you jump into the roaring fire with your new wife. This kind of honeymoon will be a great honeymoon for a sports couple of a ski vacation newlyweds in Vermont. There are different resorts suitable depending on your style. South Vermont resorts near Manchester Village are ideal if you like Sky’s connection with shopping. For the “see and see” ski resort, stay honeymoon at Stowe (don’t forget to have dinner at Trap Family Lodge). Or at one of the ski resorts to look at adventurous adventurers like Mad River Glenn. Skiing during the day and relaxing in front of the fire at night can be just a winter honeymoon.

Winter can be a great time for a honeymoon in California. Check out the beautiful San Diego, where the weather is picture-perfect all year round. Or head to the San Francisco coast, where the weather seems to be more pleasant in winter than in summer. Walk along the water, tour the Alcatraz and board the famous cable car. If you want to warm up, head to Palm Springs and play a few rounds of golf. There is always something great to do in California at any time of the year

Big city honeymoons can be fantastic too. If you can’t think of spending a winter vacation in a northern city, you must consider it. There may be magic around the New York holidays. The store window has all the great holiday displays, fun for the Christmas audience at the Radio City Music Hall, romantic carriage rides and more. Winter can be the perfect time to wear a gorgeous dress and crystal necklace and join an opera or a ballet. Of course, New York has all the great restaurants and shopping available at any time of the year. Many big cities like Chicago will have similarly exciting things going on during the winter months, so be sure to think about banding and spending time during a busy and fun honeymoon in a big city.

If honeymoon means beach to you, there are some great possibilities for winter. Once you get up in the new year you will go into the hurricane season past the Atlantic, which is helpful in planning. Be aware that the Northern Caribbean won’t be warm enough to swim in January, much of Florida won’t. Plan to go further south to your south, towards an island like Aruba which is like a warm year. Or enjoy the romance of a secluded beach near home in the off-season, which can also have its own charm.

One final thought for a winter honeymoon is a trip to Europe. The weeks around Christmas and New Year are likely to be fairly busy, with less crowds and smaller lines when you go abroad in January. Although the weather may not be ideal, it would be worth it if tourists could see Europe’s best attractions without having to deal with the crowds! Be sure to bring some costumes and a fabulous crystal necklace for romantic candle bistros across the continent. It will definitely be a winter honeymoon to remember.