Quick Babymoon Idea for Couples Expectations

A honeymoon has long been a popular tradition where a newlywed couple goes on vacation together for a few days or weeks on vacation.

Nowadays, couples go not only for honeymoon, but also for a babymoon. A babymoon is a similar holiday that the couple takes but this time to expect as a parent, not as a bride. The baby should be a time of comfort and enjoyment for the parents before joining the family. Sometimes the term babymoon is also used to refer to the days and weeks after the baby is born, which is a time for new parents to simply concentrate, spend time, and bond with their new baby.

Often, Babymoon refers to a pre-baby vacation taken by a couple. Although babies are becoming more common, it can be a challenge for some pregnant women during the last few weeks of pregnancy. But a babymoon doesn’t have to be a very complicated and expansive vacation. It can be a very quick and easy vacation to do what it is supposed to do – give couples a very special time together before the baby is out. Below are a few quick ideas for couples to look forward to.

  • The nearest beach. Pack your swimsuits and head to the nearest beach. Choose a nearby beach resort that is quiet and not crowded. The tranquility and relaxed atmosphere provided by the beach is enough to keep the two of you in holiday mode, allowing you to recharge and reconnect. You can walk along the beach very early in the morning or just before sunset. Or you can just lie down in a lounger and read a good book.
  • Hotel stay. If both of you cannot escape from the city for work or other reasons, you can choose to stay in a hotel for at least one night. You can either choose a large, luxurious hotel or you can go for indifferent and quiet quality. Makati town has a generous offer of various hotels that you can choose from. If you work or in Makati, a Makati hotel is a good choice. You can consider Ortigas or any hotel in Alabang.
  • Spa resort. Resorts featuring spa facilities have become quite popular, especially on Tagaytay. With just 2-3 hours drive from Metro Manila, any prospective couple can relax and unwind at a spa resort.