Onam Kerala Crop Festival – Snake Boat Racing, Indian Culture and Poklam!

Onam Kerala Harvest Festival is one of the special events in the Indian state of Kerala (southwestern India). This ten-day celebration of the harvest celebrates the annual return of the soul of the great king of King Mahabali and takes place in August or September according to the Malay calendar.

Kerala’s harvest festival is celebrated across the state and is heavily influenced by Hindu mythology, but the local Christian and Muslim communities also take part, making it a celebration of local unity and community.

Onam days is known for the traditional sports and activities that take place in 10 days, the most famous sport among the sights of the snake boat race. These boats are reminiscent of the Vanishing Boy legend and have taken on even greater significance since Prime Minister Nehru established a special trophy. Each boat has a crew of 150 men and the rovers are accompanied by traditional theatrical singers who help the rovers keep time.

In addition to sports traditions, one of the most fascinating traditions of the Pokামেরmon building is the dramatic, floral arrangement of flowers displayed in the front yard of a multi-family home. Every day more flowers are added and the design becomes more complex and detailed.

The third major tradition of Onam is Tihya, the great feast known as Onsadya. The food is traditionally served sitting on the floor using a banana leaf as a plate. Be aware, this food is traditionally strict vegetarian. To eat meat, fix yours at another time!

The Onam meal traditionally consists of 11 compulsory courses, although most people serve at least 13 that if it seems like too much food, appreciate that it has been reduced from the original 4 courses that were necessary!