Insurance your vacation property

Even if you don’t live there year-round, having good coverage on your vacation properties is a smart idea.

For the most part, insurance coverage for holiday homes works the same as your initial residence coverage. However, there are several key differences in the type of coverage you can choose for a second home based on how often and for what purpose you use the property.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which coverage is right for your inclusion:

1. Do you use the property during the summer months?

2. Do you go on weekends regularly?

3. Do you hire other professionals all year round?


1. Unlike most broad-based housing policies, insurance coverage for holiday homes usually includes hazardous coverage instead of all risk coverage. This limited coverage only insures against risks specified in the policy such as fire or hurricane.

2. Many insurers require that they insure your primary residence with them before they insure their holiday home.

3. Since you only occupy most of your vacation home, you can pay more for coverage against risks such as water loss, theft or vandalism.

4. General exceptions to vacation property insurance

The following items are not usually covered in any insurance policy for your home away from home:

1. Sewer back up

2. Perishable foods are stored in the fridge

3. Fencing and yard equipment

4. Trees and shrubs such as landscaping items

5. Select the right coverage

There are four types of coverage you should consider for your holiday home:

Personal liability coverage

The primary function of personal or third party liability coverage is to protect yourself against accidents that occur between people on your property. This coverage protects you if your leisure property catches fire and damages nearby property.

Content coverage

This coverage protects any items placed on your holiday properties. Any items you leave behind from your primary residence to your vacation property are covered by your primary home insurance policy. This type of coverage may automatically be included with your secondary home insurance package, but you can purchase this additional coverage if your items exceed the value of that coverage. The risks insured for your holiday property will usually include less than your home.

Individual structures are isolated

Isolated structures of your holiday home, such as a garage, shed or boat house, may be limited or have no coverage under your vacation property insurance package. This additional coverage will help you ensure adequate coverage for this structure.

Replacement value

This coverage allows you to replace covered items at current market prices without a discount.

If you have any questions about insuring your vacation property, please call us.