Crew the stress away

We all deserve to be treated for the effects of our extra work and enjoy some of our hard-earned wages in well-deserved vacations.

Going on a cruise isn’t really a very distant idea these days. Planning your dream vacation is already easy because everything is accessible via the internet. All you need to do is look for a specific place or area where you want to go, but look for an available cruise line within that area. Websites like, and are just a few examples of trusted sites you can use to find great deals and book a trip online.

Now you have the right sunglasses for your bag, ticket, passport and sound, finally its boarding time! What are the expectations during the boarding process?

According to, boarding a cruise ship is no different with check-in procedures when boarding an aircraft. Therefore, it is not going to be irresistible because everything is organized smoothly. Your cruise line will send you schedule information such as when you are expected to check in. Like the airport, you are also given several hours window to check-in at the port and you will not board the ship if it is late.

Arrive at the cruise terminal, be ready with your boarding documents and keep them easy to check-in. Precautionary measures are still being implemented so be prepared. Carry-on is still subject to X-ray inspection before entering the queue line at the check-in station. This can be helpful if you have a large suitcase with a porter appointment. You can expect your luggage to be delivered to your cabin during dinner.

You are expected to hand over your boarding documents to the delegate when you arrive at the check-in counter. You will also be asked to fill out a document regarding your treatment conditions. This is a pre-approval of the cruise line to prevent the possible spread of the disease in confined spaces.

Once cleared they will give you your cruise card in your photo for security purposes. This cruise card will serve as your all-in-boarding card, room card and onboard credit card, always be sure to take care of it. They will provide you with a schedule of events and an effective map of the ship.

Once you have completed the check-in and you have received your cruise card, you can already board the ship. Don’t stay away from photographers on the way to the ship. They will instruct you to pose on the ship’s backdrop or on the ship’s life ring. These pictures will be available for purchase on board and these are also great souvenir memory items! But if it makes you feel uncomfortable taking pictures, you can always politely turn down the offer.

When you finally set foot on the ship, the cruisers will check you in with your cruise card. If you are already hungry during the entire boarding process, you can also ask the crew members to take you to your cabin or directly to the dining options. Whichever way you choose, once on board you are officially going on vacation!