Train 2009 is the best of Lonely Planet

I have lived and vacated several countries, including the Lonely Planet Guide, and have always found them extremely helpful. With this new guide, “Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2009: 750 Trends, Destinations, Journeys and Experience Years of Experience” I found it very enjoyable for a variety of reasons.

I always liked how Lonely Planet Guides contained a lot of information about the places I was visiting. However, I occasionally wanted more colorful pictures of them as well as some other travel guides available. With the help of this “Best in Travel 2009” guide, not every country has the same depth as the specific guide of the country, but there are interesting places all over the world. And this book is full of colorful pictures.

This is a beautifully arranged book with many beautiful pictures. Combine photos with an overview of places around the world and you have a great coffee table book and a text that will inspire you to plan your next travel adventure. What I enjoy most about this book is that it helps me get to places and create an idea of ​​what I want to do.

Chalk full of book lists. Top 10 countries, top 10 regions, top 10 cities and others. I don’t know if I agree with each of the top 10 in these categories, and you may not, but it doesn’t matter. Use the book to inspire you to travel to new places and create ideas and possibilities. Even if you don’t travel to the places listed, you’ll be more aware of what’s in there and the places available to explore. If you enjoy traveling, you will enjoy this book looking for ideas.