Romantic Winter Honeymoon Ideas

If you are getting married this winter, this is a great time to plan your honeymoon. The winter months offer some great options for post-wedding travelers. Take a look at these romantic winter honeymoon ideas.

Imagine the iceflakes gently popping out of the window as you jump into the roaring fire with your new wife. This kind of honeymoon will be a great honeymoon for a sports couple of a ski vacation newlyweds in Vermont. There are different resorts suitable depending on your style. South Vermont resorts near Manchester Village are ideal if you like Sky’s connection with shopping. For the “see and see” ski resort, stay honeymoon at Stowe (don’t forget to have dinner at Trap Family Lodge). Or at one of the ski resorts to look at adventurous adventurers like Mad River Glenn. Skiing during the day and relaxing in front of the fire at night can be just a winter honeymoon.

Winter can be a great time for a honeymoon in California. Check out the beautiful San Diego, where the weather is picture-perfect all year round. Or head to the San Francisco coast, where the weather seems to be more pleasant in winter than in summer. Walk along the water, tour the Alcatraz and board the famous cable car. If you want to warm up, head to Palm Springs and play a few rounds of golf. There is always something great to do in California at any time of the year

Big city honeymoons can be fantastic too. If you can’t think of spending a winter vacation in a northern city, you must consider it. There may be magic around the New York holidays. The store window has all the great holiday displays, fun for the Christmas audience at the Radio City Music Hall, romantic carriage rides and more. Winter can be the perfect time to wear a gorgeous dress and crystal necklace and join an opera or a ballet. Of course, New York has all the great restaurants and shopping available at any time of the year. Many big cities like Chicago will have similarly exciting things going on during the winter months, so be sure to think about banding and spending time during a busy and fun honeymoon in a big city.

If honeymoon means beach to you, there are some great possibilities for winter. Once you get up in the new year you will go into the hurricane season past the Atlantic, which is helpful in planning. Be aware that the Northern Caribbean won’t be warm enough to swim in January, much of Florida won’t. Plan to go further south to your south, towards an island like Aruba which is like a warm year. Or enjoy the romance of a secluded beach near home in the off-season, which can also have its own charm.

One final thought for a winter honeymoon is a trip to Europe. The weeks around Christmas and New Year are likely to be fairly busy, with less crowds and smaller lines when you go abroad in January. Although the weather may not be ideal, it would be worth it if tourists could see Europe’s best attractions without having to deal with the crowds! Be sure to bring some costumes and a fabulous crystal necklace for romantic candle bistros across the continent. It will definitely be a winter honeymoon to remember.