How to plan the retreat of an RV camping writer

Do you belong to a group of writers who meet regularly to encourage each other? Does the idea of ​​going back to nature with your writing group flow your creative juices? Gathering writers backwards in a beautiful natural setting can be easier than you think. These steps will help you plan and execute a pre-natural RV camping retreat for you and your comrades.

Choose a provocative setting:

You need to decide whether to place your RV camping retreat nearby for rolling your plan or to keep the trip as part of the retreat. For example, if your writing group is located in Chicago and you want to start an annual “Michigan Lake Writers’ Retreat,” you can easily research scenic campgrounds in Lakeside villages within driving distance. If your group can retreat for longer than the weekend, why not choose two or three quiet lakeside RV campgrounds and include travel in your retreat plan?

Regardless of what your group will call home, you can plan your retreat around seasonal events like oli tupanbant or spring wildflowers. Choose a place where the beauty of nature ensures inspiration for creative writing.

Create your retreat:

To create the perfect retreat, include these elements:

o Agree to certain fixed rules to protect the “retreat” nature of travel.

o Authors set the time for themselves to come out into nature to write and reflect.

o Plan simple meals that can be made in your convenient motorhome kitchen.

o Arrange when you meet as a group each day to discuss what you have written.

o Plan to take some writing hints to help move past the author block!

o Take time each day for individuals or groups to explore the area.

o Decide how much “real world” (e.g., cell phone, WiFi, etc.) will be allowed to occupy!

Plan and then enjoy!

If you are in charge of planning, work with a local RV rental company to arrange the perfect RV for your group. They can help with your fuel and rental expenses project. Today’s luxury motorhomes will appreciate your group providing comfortable seating, convenient equipment and lots of extras.

Choose an RV that has enough space for your group to sleep easily. For some consideration- if you have both male and female group members then renting two small RVs instead of one big motorhome is a smart choice.

For maximum comfort, choose a campground with full hookup and decide if you need a space that offers facilities such as a campground store and fountain. Do some research on campground rules, such as “compulsory quiet time” so that your group can have the best possible experience.

When you call potential campgrounds, get camper rental rates so you can go back in time. Add food and supplies costs and divide by the number of retreaters to find your costs per person. Once you reach this number and decide who will run the motorhome, you are ready to go back to the forest!

You’re going to be wondering what comes into your writing in the great outdoor space of your group. Sharing expenses makes it possible for everyone to enjoy nature’s inspiration without exaggeration. By choosing a place to ensure inspiration and treat your group to the comfort of a motorhome, your RV camping writers retreat can easily turn into a cherished annual event.