Hosting a scrapbook crop – three inspirational ideas for you

You may want to be your mentor to get your customers interested in more of your events or equally you can get together for fun and host a crop made up of a group of friends. If you are a hostess / mentor, it is always good to have some ideas in your sleeve to keep people motivated, including yourself!

The beauty of scrapbooking is that each person is creating an album that suits them alone. Early and more advanced scrapers can comfortably sit together on a crop. Each person will take an idea you give and create it on their own level and in their own style. I still can’t find the wrong way to create a scrapbook page. Encourage your guests along these lines to make them feel comfortable enough to explore their own tastes, ideas and goals for their albums.

Things to remember

Everyone wants to find their mojo (their artistic music or inspirational voice) and often you hear scrapers and paper artisans in general saying that their mojo has gone on vacation! Returning to the scrapbook crop can start mojoing again among all of us.

Encourage scrapers to share their ideas, pages, techniques and creations with each other. Be the first to share (as a hostess). You can do this informally, leaning to the other side and verbally praising another person’s work, then showing your own page or idea. Or you can be a little more formal and offer to let the people behind your page create a thought process or explain how you came up with a complete album. Or ask some more experienced scrapers to share some of their work and think about the same things.

You’ll see just a light bulb go off in someone’s mind as you talk! This is their Mojo back from vacation!

When you see people getting inspired it takes them very little to enjoy the day. You can of course add value to the event with the following inspirational ideas.

Three inspirational ideas

  1. Idea: There is a series of year-round charitable crops! Do you support charity or do you have a cause you want to promote? A friend of mine raised funds for cancer research. She went to the Breast Cancer Awareness website for inspiration on how to crop a page. You can do the same with your own charity or passion. Most charities nowadays have websites and you can feel their theme very easily. Here are some ideas on how to use your charity or passion to inspire yourself and your scrapers:
    • Choose the color of your charitable theme and challenge your croppers to scrap your pieces into tones or shades during the day. For example, for breast cancer awareness, the color is pink. Ask people to make a layout with pink ribbon or pink flowers or glass in it, or all three.
    • Encourage someone who has the condition that you want to raise awareness about them to bring a photo they love or appreciate. For example, you may not consider stinginess about your friends or relatives with cancer, but you may be glad to be encouraged to create pages about them.
    • Do something fun around your charity theme. For example, we scraped a bra this year for an event of my friend. We each chose a favorite bra (or bought a new one for the occasion!) And chose it with ribbons, lace, beads, flowers, feathers, stitching, cuttlebagged felt cutouts, iron in embroidered patches and any other ornament we could think of. Some finished items were wearable and some were not, but we all feel inspired to use our scraping supplies in new ways.
    • Encourage scrapers to make a greeting card to encourage someone or to encourage that person, then actually send it. Scraping supplies are very good for making cards. You can even do some research and find a stranger affected by your problem to encourage. For example, if you were supporting muscular dystrophy awareness, discover if a person has the condition and send that person a somewhat cheerful ‘Thinking About You’ card. Or choose an indefatigable charity worker and make thank-you cards for acknowledging their efforts. This kind of behavior is called an RAK – a random law of rudeness.
  2. Idea: You can get a series of masquerade grains all year round! Choose a theme and ask the dressed people to come. Choose a theme from a period in history like the Rowing 20s, the 1950s (or choose another favorite decade from history) or the circus event, the Cowboys and the Indians, the Hawaiian days (or the beach days), the space, the Grand Old Orepi , Or ask people to look for a picture that fits with the upcoming holiday that fits the theme. When they arrive, provide them with an idea page such that they can create a sketch or a handmade ornament, or even a small packet of scraping material such as ribbon, raffia or ribbon that will fit the theme. Your friends may agree to bring a plate of food in the style of the theme and have reasons and ways to crop your whole day.
  3. Idea: There is a series of techniques and tip crops throughout the year! You want to learn more about yourself and learn how to show them to your friends. Choose techniques or a few friends who know how to use special techniques very well and ask them for a demonstration. Provide a little kit of sample materials for people to try out the strategy you have chosen to highlight. Ask friends to bring a page or two to show how they have used the technique in the past. Set up a place to show the pages that people show using the new technique (a sheet of ironing board on it) s You may be surprised at the different explanations that people come up with when using the very same technique.

I hope these three ideas can help you manage some enjoyable scrapbooking crop and your hostess Mojo is back now well and really!