Custom Photo Holiday Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

Creating personalized photo gifts for the Christmas holidays is a great way to give your loved one a unique gift. The ideal Christmas gift is usually the kind you make without buying readymade. This collection of custom photo holiday gift ideas is intended to ignite your creative thinking. There are many amazing and useful items that you can create using your digital images, and online software and stylish themes provided by web-based photo companies will snap it up. Here are some of my personal favorite customized photo gift tips for the holiday season:

Photo book

My all time favorite photo gift is a photo book. You can create a photo book for almost every occasion and it is a special gift idea for the holiday season. Year-review books usually fit. But don’t try to include every photo taken in the past year, or you’ll probably run nuts. Select a few key events, for example school start, a birthday celebration, a family trip, a holiday, family reunion, etc. Cookbooks featuring favorite family meals can also be a welcome idea. Photo books are especially challenging to purchase especially useful gifts for more mature members of your family. For example, you can include snapshots of all the grand kids.

Photo Calendar

Also the idea of ​​keeping personalized photo calendars awesome. Calendars made by my family’s tailors have become a Christmas ritual. If you have time, tailor each calendar using relevant pictures for each person and include birthdays and anniversaries. Photo calendars usually cost about 20 20, so these are special and reasonably priced gift ideas.

Customized stationery gifts

You can create interesting stationery items, including personalized notepads and diaries. Personal note cards are also great gifts. Place a colorful picture on the front cover of Thanksgiving notes or blank note cards. A beautiful picture from your vacation or a picture of your kids can be an idea.

Personalized iPhone cover

What’s it like to present a one-of-a-kind iPhone cover to your tech-geek friends and a custom-designed one with pictures and even text? It’s unique, keeps the phone safe and no one ever mixes their iPhone with another. Kodak Gallery offers various cool-looking covers for 4G, 4S and 3G iPhones.

Custom canvas print

A stunning digitally painted canvas art is a great way to transform a favorite image into a beautiful piece of art. This is a stylish way to display pictures of vacation or panoramic pictures, family pictures or special event pictures such as children or wedding ceremony. You can get customized canvas images in different dimensions and styles like frame canvas, easel, mounted laster prints and collages.

Lots of custom holiday photo gift ideas. Other ideas include rugs and blankets, clothing, mouse pads, card decks, puzzles, bags and handbags, and more. If you have an idea of ​​what kind of items you want to keep, there is a personalized holiday gift for you.