Summer break and new beginnings

The excitement of the summer break fills the air in our community. Out of school; Vacation planning, lots of changes. Spring has awakened flowers; Tall in the hay field, farm animals and wild animals taking care of their new kids; It is time for a new beginning.

For family caretakers, summer can be a good thing. Perhaps you are the one who will benefit by helping you young people this summer; Or get rid of the stress of working on school schedules while taking care of someone. For all this extra help you can get a holiday for yourself.

On the other hand, summer means more feeding during the day, more laundry, more stress. Maybe you want to go on vacation but know in your heart that even your whole day is out of the question.

I want to help you with the wonderful celebration of summer even with a busy schedule and irresistible responsibilities. You’ve heard me say before, take a few minutes to consider your personal needs and wants.

1. Determine something that will help smooth out your days and weeks; Just one word. What takes you away for a short vacation? Decide one thing.

2. Plan a specific time to do that at least one hour each week. Schedule it and schedule as much as possible.

3. Call once – even an hour – your vacation. Plan for it, celebrate it and wait for next week for the next ‘vacation’.

I’m sure you think it’s too easy and your already busy life can’t be worth it. Please tell me to try, please. I didn’t consider it worth it until I found even the smallest event to pay at the limit and wait every week.

If you can avoid it, consider these starters for fun vacation ideas for an hour or more.

1. Do you have any friends or relatives that you mean to call but never do? Why this is not your destination for next week. During the week when she thinks of him, write down her thoughts about them, perhaps the questions you want to ask or the things you want to say. Find out as many positive things as you can to make fun of this call. Remember, this is not an interview, this is a holiday!

2. Do you have a destination in mind, another state you want to go to? Schedule which is later in the month so that you can order a brochure from them. On vacation, fix a suitable breakfast and you can enjoy the scenery by looking at their catalog. There is no harm in picking out some of your favorite places one day when you have more time than just going there.

3. What do you want to achieve in your life? Write stories or poems? Draw or paint? Not a craft? Start your holiday now. Start with the dream and build on it.

A reminder: Just choose one thing for your first mini-vacation. You may want to use that choice for a few weeks and that’s fine. Have fun and let me hear from you.