How to plan a vacation of the mind

Part 1

Recently, I was in a driven female therapy group, taking in the subject of desire to have fun and change of pace. I suggested that we deviate from some of our usual tasks and instead look around the room imagining holiday treats designed for each woman’s aspirations.

It was interesting to see how many fantastic vacation ideas came up so quickly. One woman wanted to travel to Mexico and South America to see the ruins and lie in the sun on a beautiful beach. Another woman wants to go to Greece to see the ancient ruins there and then slowly cross over to Europe. It can take leisure time, maybe even a year. Another wanted to go to Europe but wanted to do other things, such as taking gourmet cooking classes in the south of France and becoming fluent in several languages. Another woman opted for spas and other experiences to bring her body and ultimately her soul to life. One person was actually planning to go into several meditative retreats over the next few months.

I was fascinated when every woman spoke and understood two things. First of all, I would be a happy colleague on any of the vacations presented. Everyone was full, energized and provided a change that would be beneficial to me, as well as the person who thought it over.

Second, I understand that every woman, regardless of her background or problems, eager to change, adventurous, learning about strangers and other places, is not so much burdened by everyday problems as relationships, children, money, etc.

How unique we all are – that’s for sure! Each holiday was significantly different from the others, and yet how universal are the requirements for our re-enactment.

I hope you take a few minutes now to imagine the dream that spring has arrived that you can create, at least take a vacation adventure in your mind.

Please give us your great vacation ideas. I know we’ll all be excited and enjoy our magic carpet! Forest trip!

Part 2 – A game date with vacation ideas

Take a moment and you will love to take three fantasy spring or summer vacations, if money and time are not an issue!

  • Where are you going
  • Who will go with you
  • What do you want to do?
  • How long do you want to stay away?
  • What do you see … experience … discover and enjoy?
  • What will be the highlight of your trip?

Enjoy your imagination vacation. If you want, go further and get some information about these places.

  • Do you want to be at least one truth?
  • What steps will be needed?

The rest I leave to you – you just dream in a dream or bring a new reality I want you fresh, fun thoughts.