The idea of ​​a family vacation – need some advice? Here are 6 affordable places to visit

No need to feel stressed about your upcoming family trip no These days there are lots of fun, safe places to pick up kids and grandparents if anything, everyone may have a different idea of ​​where they want to go. Children have different interests depending on their age and personality. Bring the family together to create a list of places and start narrowing down the results. Here are some family vacation ideas and suggestions to help you get started.

US holiday destination

Washington DC

Perfect for visiting many interesting places including museums. Visiting the Museum of Natural History can be a fun and educational experience for kids as there are dinosaurs! Unfortunately, since hotels have a reputation for being a bit expensive, you can lodge in nearby cities like Annapolis or Arlington.

Myrtle Beach, SC

It is one of the most expensive beaches to travel on the Atlantic coast. It can be crowded, so try to watch in the off-season if possible. To save money, book a room without sea views. However you will see it every day. Enjoy family fun when it comes to mini golf courses or bowling.

Portland, Oregon

Head northwest over the Pacific Ocean for some spectacular (and affordable) fun. There are plenty of hotels in Portland that charge less than $ 100 per night. Visit the Oregon Zoo, or go explore a submarine. Get everyone’s lunch from a food truck and grab some snacks at the farmer’s market.

International Family Vacation Ideas

Baja California tune, Mexico

This is a good choice if you want to try the last minute thing. Airlines often offer the lowest discount flights (near Cabo San Lucas) and there is no shortage of public family resorts in the area. Easy to find airfare + hotel packages for 5 nights.

Dublin, Ireland

Here is a big city with infinite charm. Take a budget plane like Aer Lingus Wow Air, or Norwegian Air. You can deduct the cost of land transportation with the Dublin Pass. Visit the Dublin Zoo and the Dublin Falcony for some family fun.

Bali, Indonesia

As long as you can fly from New York or Los Angeles, Bali can be an affordable vacation for the whole family. There are many child-friendly activities like Elephant Safari and Bali Bird Park. For kids who enjoy the water, you can visit Waterbomb Sand Park and Splash Water Park. And, of course, there are plenty of exotic beaches to enjoy.

Here are a few examples of sights for kids and adults of all ages. Again, bring everyone together to create a list of family vacation ideas, do some research, and compare prices. Hopefully, everyone will be able to agree on where to go and what to do.

Here’s a way to save money on your family travel: Use online coupons. Check out current deals on everything from airfare to amusement park tickets Check out family vacation ideas and easy to plan online travel plans.