The cash app Square, a payment company founded and led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, generated $ 516 million in bitcoin revenue in 2019 compared to $ 166.5 million in 2018.
Market capitalization of the BRICS New Silk Road Token exceeded $ 1 billion, according to Comnews. The co-operation of this mark was initiated by financial authorities in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) who hope to use the common mark in trade transactions. Etherscan data shows that it currently has only 24 ratings, although the market capitalization of the ERC-20 coin is US $ 1.1 billion.
The South Korean province claims it has established the country’s first blockchain-based school feeding and ordering platform. Per Boan News, South Jeolla, in the southwest of the country, has successfully rolled out the platform to more than 110 provincial schools and by 2020 will maintain provincial coverage.
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The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says its technical committee is considering plans to use blockchain technology to transmit WiFi in the country. The initiative, according to the official, will use the blockchain news developed by Cambridge University researchers and dramatically reduce the cost of high-speed internet deployment in the country.
Distributed public legend Hedera Hashgraph has announced integration with Nano S and Nano X wallets, from hardware wallet developer Ledger.