Deccan Skylimo Helicopter Service Taxi From Bangalore Airport

Chances of traffic and road closures are very popular. Arriving at Bangalore International Airport has to go through the roadway to the & # 39; one & # 39; one that sometimes takes hours to get to its destination.

Now if you're running and you have a bundle of money and you want to have high-quality travel, Air Deccan will take care of it. The best class that has no time to lose, the Taxi ministry has come as a help to them.

The Deccan SkyLimo is a helicopter service. This is a function of a team that operates a drive from Bangalore International Airbase to Devanahalli and selects it on IT site in the southern city of India.

One of the world's most pilot journeys, SkyLimo that started with Deccan Aviation started operating on July 2, 2008. The first trip was from Bangalore International Airport and Electronics City, Whitefield and HAL HIV.

It is JetRanger's Bell 206 covering with four best seats installed in the service like SkyLimo. The SkyLimo Ministry of Deccan is provided separately during the day, from 6:30 to 6 pm and will cover the distance in 15-20 minutes.

Deccan consists of an overview of SkyLimo's range of 4,800 Rs per person for Rs 5,800 per person per trip. The goal of choppercho was also developed by a group of aviation on BIAL basis, near kilometers away from the aircraft. The new International Airport Airport in Bangalore will be opened by President Manmohan Singh some days.

According to the owner of the company Captain Gopinath, Deccan Aviation, the organization would be refunded at $ 12 million for the next six months to be able to establish the SkyLimo helicopter meetings in Mumbai and Hyderabad. This may include adding services to Bangalore. The Deccan Aviation Airplane set $ 5 million to buy two helicopters in Bangalore SkyLimo. Now I look forward to four more exports to airports in Mumbai and Hyderabad.