Crete To & # 39; Tomorrow – Are I being Hunted?


Kritsa is a favorite place to go in & # 39; winter and it is the best way to get to Katharo remote areas where it is often a snowfall in Crete. The only cafes, which have Che Guevara's papers, are the only natural heating areas with hot coffee and 4×4 highways along the M & # 39; However, today, Katharo will still be the best, not from us. My friend Kostas Argyropoulos, a miner of my mining & # 39; area, took me out of the new road I just wanted to explore. Just on the highway at Kritsa, we turned left to Kroustas. With a view of the Gulf of Mirabello and the church around the road on one side, it is interesting and interesting. The village itself is one of the few places that appear to be out of date. Older men are in & # 39; coffee shops wearing dirty footwear and wearing black cretan clothes. Women in & # 39; in the world are preparing mites, wild plants, including dandelion leaves, or take beans of beans before making pudding to serve with onions and petroleum jelly.

The road comes down from Kroustas to the mountainous terrain and the sun's rays to go to & # 39; In the past, the first rains had destroyed the new road and several areas had been cleaned, they had to be careful. A detailed sign of the & # 39; children on the left of Istron, the hard way leading to Pirgos, which I have been going many times. But Kostas advised me to go to Prina, a village near Kalamafka, the only place on the island where you can see the Cretan Sea and the Libyan Sea. From Prina, we followed a new road to the beautiful Meseleri village and moved to the # 39; the surrounding streets of the village before entering a new road. Vramiana's right-hand side was far away. These sites are a major market area and always need water to ensure that cucumbers, tomatoes and fruits are produced close to the area, and most of them are in northern Europe.

The most advanced industrial area of ​​the Ierapetra was a threat to the system after the natural beauty we had met on our first trip, but the town's wealth has been healthy for the inhabitants and the luxurious homes and houses and evidence of this. We passed north of the big city and found it on the road to Siteia.

Meanwhile, we were hungry and went to the village of Koutsoun, but we found that there was no open space. We can return to Ierapetra but decided to continue east, through Ferma and Achlia. We arrived in Koutsouras, where there is a well-known restaurant called "Robinsons", but this was closed. The appetite, or coffee, was now fast. We found an open area in Makrigialos but, because of the fact that we were well-known, we kept going to Siteia.

The road from Makrigialos goes up north-east & # 39; The churches on the monolithic hills make up a place, many of them build old prayers to the pagan god of the sun. Taverna in Lithines had a runaway teacher. M & # 39; winter season Sunday school teacher goes to religious places and houses of the masters and is a well-known time for older women, sometimes including music songs on a return trip that will make the player. Just going to the city is converted to Ziros, which is led by Xerokampos. This is one of the most beautiful of Crete. Some say that the memory for Seychelles, fresh water and stability of the site is now confused with the unknown words of JCBs and mixer concrete when manufacturers remove part of the paradise from where we can use it to sell the donor.

To the north to Site, I drove the car to be in & # 39; just a few lines of Falcon Eleonora (Falco eleonorae), located on the road. Obviously, it will be data before we have time to appreciate it, but it was a magical time of our unprepared day. Through Agios Georgios and Maronia, we went through the & # 39; skipping & # 39; home to Siteia, some of the factories and the town of markets that have a very rich plant and some excellent oil in Crete. For the first time, although most of the villagers, I saw the Venetian famous Kazarma tower from the Italian word “house”. This fortress was erected to defeat the Turkish invaders and was opposed to a three-year cycle (1648 – 1651). Recently it has been working on the project and today there are celebrations and events taking place in the town & # 39;

For a long time, people have been told that Siteia's plane is getting a plane to get back to the airport, on a watery road, to search. The airport is similar to the stadium that began to exist, and the true aircraft in this area seem to be the length of it. It is probably not wrong to keep your community from tourism, although the sellers now buy a place near Vai beach beach and are planning to make bigger gold, house and space.

A new road, about 3km, took us home before we returned to the old road. The work is continuing on the project and we have passed through construction projects, along with additional additions and other activities, to reduce 72 km to Agios Nikolaos, in the larger rural areas, up to 45 minutes. like desperation, we turned to Sekwa ​​in the village of Mochlos. We stood up and walked around the top of the corners where each head appeared on television. When we turned the corner to the harbor, great music came from the car. As we got closer, we found an open door and no driver inside realized that this was a traditional synod. Nobody seemed to be interested in music. They, too, were taken by a soccer ball.

The city has & # 39; this gave us the opportunity to choose two sites, which run & # 39; children on the island of Agios Nikolaos and the ruins of the city of Minoan. We chose to stay in the afternoon, now to shoot the air and go to the menus. Lamb and Artichokes and Mixed Grill left the ceremony, so we went to the chickens and tomatoes and tomatoes, then the chickens (kebabs) and pork pigs, all of which are used by chips, wash and cabbage. As usual, half of the bread and the Cretan rusk seemed to continue until the meal was prepared, along with some of the beautiful monuments of olive oil and olive oil. We are hungry as we were at the time, we were not able to complete everything, especially the precious dish that came with EUR23.00 (£ 16.00, $ 32.00).

It was dark when we left the taverna and the car, with many pregnancies, to get me out of it. The sign on Paxia Ammos reads "Agios Nikolaos 19km". In half an hour we were home. Perhaps the long distance we have been enjoying is eating because it was amazing in Eastern Crete.