History of American Trans Air


Indianapolis-from the American Trans Air, once looked like a usher, always wanted to be known.

Established in 1973 as Ambassadir Travel Club, the “Miss Indy,” which started the five-year walk through the Spirit of Indiana. But the March 1981 offer of a well-known public registration helped to make the work more appropriate.

Using its roots of Indianapolis, it acquired more flights, including 707s; the first of its kind, formerly the Laker Airways DC-10-10 which registered N183AT in 1983; and the North West DC-10-40, the same as writing N184AT. 707 machines were used by 727-100 fuel.

The number of annual passes increased: 96,426 in 1981, 269,086 in 1982, and 618,532 in 1983.

Depending on the north-west find additional supplements for DC-10, but forced to enter the & # 39; sites like TriStar when selected to keep flights, the American Trans Air bought the first in 1985, finally operating 15 L-1011-1s, one -100, 500s .

It started a new project when it set up a relatively permanent settlement on JFK-Belfast-Riga (Latvia), Indianapolis-Fort Myers, Indianapolis-Las Vegas, and San Francisco-Kahului (Maui) – Holidays, American Holiday "and" The world's largest aircraft. "

"We encourage comfort. You make fun," he announced. "On the American Trans Air, we know the only fun you want on vacation and the pleasure you enjoy. That is why you can count the best, top artists, damaged flights, valuable trees, and many others that have been known by the people with us."

Growing was. In order to avoid competition for the predestinated companies, they became the largest companies of the United States, who donate 90 percent of their money to government and military sectors of the sector, and the rest from work, debt relief, pilot training, and maintenance cooperation.

Using powerful aircraft 23 m & # 39; the 1992-including 727-100s, 12 L-1011-1s, and four other 757-200s-were profitable for the past 19 years of 19 years, sending $ 2 million a year later to the time the first due to a number of economic and travel to the Gulf. He took over 2.4 million people that year.

That was the Gulf War, yet, which was like the cornerstone of its military operations, because the plane was counted as part of the Civil Air Patrol airplane. To take over 108,000 troops in 494 countries for the Operation Desert Storm, it also helped to work on the Iraqi Freedom and Freedom of Rights, and gave 727-100 flights between Nellis Air Force Base and Tonopah to Nevada.

The closure -200s changed -100s in 1993.

The Air Trans Air of America also received a new image when it offered a major component of the airport from the Chicago-Midway airport, including the continued Air Force Air Force.

In order to achieve its goal of expanding and repairing the fleet, he ordered 39 737-800s and 12 757-200s in 2000, taking the introduction of the N301TZ in June the following year and the first (N550TZ) two months later, leading to a revolutionary change in the process. its new plan, airplane, modern technology, which is now called "ATA Airlines."

Like searching for food from the villages of the village & # 39; and the second and the appropriate equipment for the & # 39; area, it purchased Chicago's $ 1.9 million m & # 39; in 1999 and used it as "ATA Connection".

Its top, above, proved to be profitable, forcing you to avoid the protection of Chapter 11 after five years, on October 26, 2004. The best way to keep life, its use is to the benefit of a health care provider, who, at present, they were gathering in the west of Southwest Airlines.

Sending seven Midway Airport hospitals and 27 percent of its free choice to western west adjusting to life limits and continuing to work under coalition codes in December 2004, the ATA reduced the number of three Indianapolis airline flights to Chicago, now is running a commercial airline through western cities, not New York-La Guardia, Dallas / Fort Worth, and San Francisco. Midway-overpassing prayers also helped to integrate the southwestern cities of the sea, such as Orlando, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, and others that run in & # 39; its way, Denver and Honolulu among them.

This process resulted in a 20% south-west rate, but did not interfere with the ATA.

Reducing reduction of costs, cutting down trees, selling 20 737-800s and eight to 757-300s was only starting to spend two years, between November 2005 and November 2007, of the three former United Airlines 737 -300s. Even the debt of the debt, which came on the occasion, was enormous.

What made the work so small, not surprising, was extravagant, when electricity failed in most places within a short time: Boston, Newark, and Minneapolis in October 2005, Indianapolis and Denver in November, and Orlando, Fort Myers, and San Francisco. In April, the skeleton of his body was very good. In fact, 18 times a day, they were sent to the same airport in Midway Airport and only 52 were provided online. The first court decision helped them to sell Ambassadir Travel Club to Grueninger Cruises and Tours.

Even $ 100 million for the sale of MatlinPatterson and the banks that did not use the bankruptcy help to make it more accessible to the bankruptcy while preparing for New York-La Guardia, Houston-Hobby, Ontario, Oakland, and Hilo (Hawaii), for the high price, The rapid removal of the CEO, which was also used for the limited use of L-1011s and DC-10s, and the loss of the international military coalition also led to the plane's crash, and aircraft 4586 Honolulu at Phoenix to determine its last 0846 spot on August 2, 2008.