History of Cathay Pacific Airways


The city of Cathay Pacific was founded on September 24, 1946, when it was founded by a soldier, while Roy Farrell, American and Sydney of Kantzow, Australia, formed a friendship during World War II when he fled Douglas C-47 Himalayan photography "hump" "from Calcutta to Kunming in China National Aviation Company.

Finding many battles of the DC-3 in 1945, VR-HDB by "Betsy," Farrell, and Kantzow, launched a migration service from Shanghai until they were forced to follow the steps of Kai Tak Airfield. With the second second of DC-3, VR-HDA "Nikki," the new plane, which received the names of the Cathay Pacific, began flights to Southeast Asia. Two years later, we had five methods of travel, including Bangkok, Manila, Saigon, Shanghai, and Singapore, which took 3,000 DC-3 people and two other Consolidated PBY Catalinas.

One of the local staff members who have a Hong Kong Airways competition, received a government salary that has no wages for the south, while Hong Kong was awarded to northern China and Japan.

The increase in demand was equipped with technology, technology, including quad-engine, 56-passing DC-4 Skymaster in 1949, which were under pressure, 58-run-DC-6 in 1954, and DC-6B additional in 1958.

Using the Hong Kong Airways tournament the following year, he found the first Airplane Airplane Airplane Airplane Airplane Airplane, and was able to spread its wings to Sydney, Australia, and Tokyo in Japan for the first time. One of the DC-3, one DC-4, one DC-6, one DC-6B, and Electras two, took 69,000 people that year.

The first time the jet started in 1962, when it received the first of nine, 104 high-tech Convair CV-880, finally subsequently introduced L-188As, Airplane prices went up from 170,000 in 1963 to 324,000 in 1967.

Big airplanes, airplanes are wearing as Boeing 707-320B of 154 in 1970 and Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, its first type of color, five years later. I am 12 years old and able to establish long-distance routes to Asia and Australia in Bahrain and Dubai in 1976.

The first 747-200B shipment started his first service to the Hong Kong-London on July 16, 1980, which played a key role in the long-term pioneering, including Vancouver in Canada, Los Angeles. US, Frankfurt and Paris in Europe. Aircraft in Rome, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Denpasar, Auckland, and Nagoya followed.

In 1985, he was released from his first 747-300 year and his next 747-400 years after four years, to make it possible to operate annually in Europe and the US without payment for the first time.

735 weekly flight is 18 281-elevated L-1011-1s / -100s, top eight passengers 747-200B, 747-200Fs, 6 422-passenger 747-300s, with 361-passenger 747-400s in 1990, All of these were Rolls Royce, which sent 38 m & # 39; 26 countries, and 7,7 million people own 75.9 percent.

Today his airline consists of A330-300, 280-A350-900, and 335-pass 777-300ER, while his Cathay Dragon team operates A420-200 164, 163 passers, A321- 200, and 307 A330- 300. Together they work more than 190 works worldwide.